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Commercial Services

The HVAC industry is continuously changing. You want to make sure you have a HVAC contractor who is at the forefront of these changes and can offer you the solutions you need to keep your heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems running smoothly and efficiently. With over 50 years of experience and an elite team of Class-L Licensed and NATE-Certified HVAC technicians on staff, we are proud to deliver the HVAC services your commercial business needs.

Industries Served:
• Commercial building owners
• Offices
• Warehouses
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Retail
• Industrial/manufacturing
• Data centers
• Healthcare facilities

Regardless of what industry you are in, you need a reliable partner for HVAC services. At Phoenix Air Conditioning and AC Repair, we know what is at stake and promise to give you the solutions you need, when you need them.

Commercial HVAC Services – Diagnose the Problem and Fix it On Time
Our C-Class Licensed and NATE-Certified Commercial HVAC-R technicians receiving ongoing training to ensure they are prepared to diagnose and fix any problem they encounter. We pride ourselves on being fully equipped to address all of your needs in a timely, professional manner.

The key to our success is in the methodology we use in diagnosing commercial HVAC problems. We don’t just address the issue at hand, but find the root cause. This is how we can ensure that the problem is eliminated and that you won’t experience problems again.

We understand that a timely response is absolutely necessary for addressing commercial HVAC problems. Our goal is to provide a 2-hour maximum response time for general HVAC issues. For HVAC emergencies, we aim to be at your business within 20 minutes of your call. We are available 24/7 for you and ready to solve any issue you have in a timely manner.

Some of our commercial HVAC-R repair and installation services include:
• Cooling towers
• Direct Expansion systems
• Chilled water systems
• Packaged rooftop systems
• Air handlers
• Pumps
• Variable volume systems
• Pneumatic and direct digital controls
• And more!

Maintenance Services –Prevent Emergencies, Lower Costs, and Keep Your System Running Longer
Our preventative maintenance program is designed to meet the needs to any commercial business, regardless of industry. The goal of the program is to identify potential problems before they occur so measures can be taken to reduce downtime and expenses from failures. We deliver the peace of mind in knowing that your HVAC-R and refrigeration systems are in working order and catastrophes are thwarted. Some examples of preventative maintenance HVAC-R and refrigeration services include vibration analyses, oil analyses, and thermostat testing.

Regular maintenance not only has the benefit of preventing emergencies, but can also save you money directly. A properly-functioning cooling system will operate more efficiently, thus reducing operational costs. Maintenance also prolongs the life of your cooling systems. All maintenance services are scheduled at convenient times and by your own dedicated technicians who are familiar with the system.

Special Services
Do you want to expand your operations and need to find a cost-efficient cooling solution? Are you interested in reducing overhead costs by implementing green cooling technologies? Our Licensed Class-II HVAC-R technicians are ready to find the solutions for all of your needs. Our comprehensive approach which involves intensive planning, troubleshooting, and testing is why we have become a go-to provider of commercial cooling services in Phoenix.

Our Qualifications
Arizona is one of the hottest states in the country and we rely on our HVAC systems to stay cool, comfortable and safe. Because HVAC systems are so important, Arizona has set rigorous standards for licensing HVAC contractors. The standards are even higher for commercial HVAC technicians. To obtain a HVAC-R license in Arizona, technicians must have at least 4 years of education and experience, plus prove their knowledge. A commercial HVAC license is designated as “C-Class” in Arizona.

We believe that this is just the first step. Our HVAC technicians are held to even higher standards than imposed by the state. Not only do our HVAC technicians hold licenses, but they receive additional training throughout the year to ensure they are up to date on the latest methods and systems. We have invested in modern equipment so our customers can benefit from this technology.

It is impossible for commercial HVAC technicians to be experts in everything related to heating, cooling and refrigeration – but our technicians come close! They hold C-Class Licenses including C-58 for Evaporative Cooling, C-79 for Solar, and C-49 for Industrial Refrigeration.

When you choose us as your commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration contractor, we will pair you with the most experienced technicians specializing in your type of system. Each account has its own team of dedicated technicians, so there is always a technician available who is already familiar with the heating and cooling systems you have in place. You can count on excellent services and comprehensive solutions, every time!

Contact us today to learn how we can solve your commercial HVAC needs. We look forward to being your partner in success!